A cool vacation in Canada and US

June 9th:
The trip began in Luxembourg on June 9th, a sunny day. We took the plane at 2pm for Reikyawick arriving there 3 hours later. After getting our feet back on earth for a full hour we took the plane for Halifax in Nova Scottia.
Four and half hour later at 7pm (Nova Scottia Time) we made our first steps on Canadian ground. For you it's not important but for us it was the fulfillemnt of an old dream.
We wen't to Avis to get a car. A Dodge Caravan colored gray/purple (Some images will soon come. From the Halifax airport we drove to Halifax via the High Way. First we thought the speed limit was in Miles per hour but after calculating that 100 Miles/hour would be 160km/hour we revidsed our thinking. Something good about this car was that the speed was shown in both units. After 36km we arived at Halifax and Found the Holiday Inn Select immediately, the map and explanation we got where clear: From the Highway take the Robie Street exit and aftee the fouth light turn left (the real left not mine).

June 10:
After a small night of sleep we went to downtown Halifax. It's very nice Harbour that has been restored. In the afternnon we wen't to Peggys cove, a small fisher vilage with a wel known Light House that serves as post-office too. There are only about 50 poeple living there but it's very nice. There is an known artist there that has made a sculpture of fishermens with Peggy.

June 11:
Now we departed for Yarmouth at noon we visited Anapolis Royal. It's a small town with a lot of old houses. Yarmouth is a little bigger and that where the ferries leave.
June 12:
We took the fair for Portalnd (US, main). After 10 hours of sea we arrived at Portalnd.

June 13:
Straight to Binghamton.
June 14:
Finaly we met Troy (Beldin on Prophecy MUD), Rich (Belkira), Sara and Shannon. We talked a lot, and went to see a film and eat a pizza. We stayed at Troy's place that night and left for Montreal in the Morning.
June 15:
After a long driving session we finaly arrived at Montreal and wen't to our friend Serge, he's from Luxembourg but now lives there. He made us visit the Docks and city.
June 16:
We wen't out in the main part of the city got a glimps at the shops and some comercial streets. Made some buying and met our friend in the evening.
June 17:
The weather turned to rain and went with us to Quebec City. We had booked a room in a small but very nice Hotel in the Rue St. Louis. Only a few meters from the well known Hotel "Chateau de Frontenac". June 18 and 19: Visit from Quebec
June 20:
Visit of the "Chutes de Montmorency" and then we drove to Notre dame du Lac. A very quite and beatifull place.
June 21:
Long driving in rainy weather straight to Shediac. The home of the biggest Lobster in the world.
June 22:
Imagine a 14km long bridge. Well it's very unusual but its way cool to see a road vanishing in the fog with nothing else as fog around. This Bridge connecting the New Bruinswick to the Prince Edward Island was only finished a few days agao. So we where some king of Pioneers. We didn't see much of the PEI as it was foggy and rainy. So we wen't on to Pictou.
June 23:
Finaly we arrive at the Cape Breton and it start to get a little more hilly. In the late afternoon we arrive at Cheticamp and stay there for the night.
June 24:
Well what we then saw is not to be put in words. I will let you see the pictures as soon as I have them. In the afternoon we arrived a Bay St. Laurent a small town at the uppermost end of the Cape Breton. We went to the only Motel in the vincinity. We went out on a small ship to see some whales. But alas there was a storm a few days before and the whales didn't show up. There was restaurant or anything else we could have eaten so we wen't to the general store and bought some pasta. Luckily there was a small kitchen in our room.
June 25:
We continue to drive on this Forest and Sea enclosed road. We made a stop at Ingonish for noon and walked a little on the beach. In the afternoon we took a sailing boat and hoped to see some whales but again we din't have the chance to see some. This time the sailor told us is was because of the full moon. We continue and arrive at Baddeck in the evening.
June 26, 27 and 28:
We drive slowly to our next stop the Liscomb Mills. Where will stay for 2 days in the Liscomb Lodge. An hotel in the middle of mother nature. With a lot of lovely squirels and birds.
June 29:
Back to Halifax where we will take profit of the warm sun and fresh air.
June 30:
Last visit of Halifax Harbor. At 11pm we took the plane back to Luxembourg.
July 1st:
At 2pm (Luxembourg Time) we come back to the raining country.
That's all folks.

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